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Sunny Side of Pandemic

Hi all

I want to share some important tips for surviving this pandemic. I mainly include Ayurvedic ideas due to my roots in this system of medicine. Fortunately, a lot of Ayurvedic herbs (Amla, Triphala, Holy Basil, Ashwagandha, Cannabis) are available in France, so many can benefit from them. Ayurveda is a way of life, so certain lifestyle changes are essential for it to work properly.

1. Sooryayog (Light medicine) -

Wake up before sunrise. Prepare to receive solar energy. I have been watching the sun for 18 years. It is very good to watch the sun at sunrise, to say a prayer, to sing and to meditate with the sun. It makes the eyes stronger and your whole body and mind will feel energized. This is an ancient practice that has been present in different cultures around the world. It will also remove the fear psychosis that surrounds us now. The sun is a living consciousness that directs our evolution, it is time for us to honor this energy and lift ourselves up to it. Its important to sleep early in the night and allow melatonin hormone to do its work in the night. Night lights and screen time beyond a certain period is making us weaker . We have evolved in a Natural light and darkness environment and we cant just shake off billion years of biology. The disruption of this rhythm has had a very destructive impact on our wellbeing as a species and also to other species.

2. Dhrupad and Rhythm awareness - Nature is an ever-changing rhythm.

I have found the practice of Dhrupad - A classical music system from India, to be essential in building rhythm awareness and connection with nature. It is based on a set of singing practices that help in developing voice and listening to be able to sing in harmony with nature. It has profound medicinal effects for the practitioner and the listener. I was a student of Ustad Asad Ali Khan, the great Beenkar. He could heal people with his Rudra Veena. In my research I have been able to combine the singing methods with a traditional hand massage method from Kerala to assist in healing of disturbed human body and mind.

3. Organic Food - Eat as much organic food as possible. Help regenerate the Earth. I know people think it's expensive. Remember, foods loaded with cheap pesticides are cheap due to government subsidies and price controls. All organic food promotions are currently facing a huge challenge by an ideology based on fear that if everything goes organic there will be food shortages and people will starve. This problem needs to be resolved. World hunger has not ended even with the excess stocks present in various parts of the world. It is in fact exacerbated by climate change, which is mainly caused by CO2 emissions from heavily subsidized synthetic agriculture based on petro-fertilizers around the world. PetroLobby will not easily abandon this grant. EcoCitizens will have to take several actions. There are many innovative solutions. For example in the golden temple of Amritsar (Punjab, India), the most important religious center for Sikhs and open to all cultures, the largest free kitchen "Langar" serves organic vegetables from its 5 hectare farm. . It was an important ongoing experience to help educate and share the good spirit of the movement.

4. Chywanprash - It is an Ayurvedic medicine which is available in France in the form of jam. It is one of the best immune system boosters. It should be taken around the time of the changing seasons and contributes to the changes that occur in the body as the rhythms of nature change. It avoids a lot of illnesses if we follow the rhythms and eat this magic formula. Many companies sell this product online. Organic India is the best. The cheapest is Dabur. In a year, an adult can consume up to 1 kg.

5. Masala Cooking - Take Ayurvedic cooking lessons. Masala has a lot of medicinal herbs like turmeric, curcumin, coriander, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper, etc.

6. Herbs -

Amla - rich source of vitamin C, an important ingredient in chywanprash. It can be difficult to taste, but Ayurveda works best with tasting. It goes well with honey.

Ashwagandha - is a good stimulant of the immune system. Also reduces stress.

Tulsi - Holy Basil - the tea of ​​this herb works wonders in reducing respiratory ailments.

Cannabis - It reduces stress and boosts immunity. THC is a bronchodilator and CBD induces relaxation.

7. Sunbath regularly - Maintain good vitamin D levels

This is a brief summary , there are many practices which can help build stronger immunity. Be open minded and seek for natural options . I am available for further queries

Dr Sunny Sandhu


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