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Kabasutra - Safety Update

Gift of Siddha Medicine to our civilisational crisis

World is amidst one of the biggest public health crises in modern history. As the Corona pandemic rages on breaking down all countries in its path, it's time for us to reflect on the Social Economic, Political and Cultural Paradigms of our Globalised technologically connected society .

Since the 1970s Greenhouse effect has been well known and the world has been sensitised on the rising climatic impact of CO2 and other greenhouse gases. It's 2021 now and climatic impacts of Greenhouse gases are clearly visible . The world seems to be taking this problem seriously as well . As I write there is rapid transformation of the energy creation sector happening globally with the push to the renewable sector . Coal plants are shutting down as coal based energy is not cheap. Many newly made plants will never see action coz of the tipping of Solar and renewable energy pricing .

Agriculture sector is also seeing a change with countries like Sri Lanka banning all chemical fertilisers and ushering in direct payments to farmer to grow organically . But these are small actions and are not sufficient to lower CO2 levels. They are continuing to rise globally.

There has been a major silence on the biological impacts of CO2 on human health. Most of us have been made to believe we will only be impacted when Co2 levels will be very high above 600 ppm . This has been a big mistake, colossal blunder.

Thanks to Coronapandemic since March 2020, I relooked at the physiological impacts of CO2 . I recently wrote an article linking rising of co2 and corona pandemic. It talks about seasonal variation of co2 and yearly variation of corona pandemic cases and lockdowns,they are following each other like melody

On Further investigation I have found the work of Dr Donatella Zappula from Catania university, Italy as the most significant. She published her first articles on Global warming, CO2 and its role in Metabolic syndrome and Cardiac disease way back in 2008. She published from 2008 to 2013 literature as to how atmospheric CO2 is fueling the rise of diabetes and chronic ailments in the world.

In her paper she writes

“Current increased atmospheric CO22 could, at least in theory, bears a significant impact on

Pathogenesis of Metabolic syndrome, and RBCs which, notably, deliver O22 and nitric oxide (NO) to the periphery,

and CO22 to the lungs, could be the major target of environmental stresses, and source of low-

grade, chronic inflammation, a possibility not explored yet to any extent. Given the

disease burden and health costs associated with the rising prevalence of Metabolic syndrome, there is no

doubt that this problem must be tackled at its roots, even adopting measures to lower Carbon dioxide

emissions into the atmosphere.”

With new research showing that COVID 19 to be a vascular disease ( causing endothelial damage and presence of long covid syndrome , there is more need to relook at her work and the possibility of CO2 causing aggravation of Coronavirus infection and creating a long term chronic syndrome.

CO2 levels have continued to rise(Current June 2021 levels are higher than June 2020 levels ) and the Coronapandemic is also seeing an evolution, its now becoming a continuous presence. Now the yearly low period of CO2 between June July August September will be at levels where Coronavirus Infections will cause mortality . With the ongoing pandemic situation in Indonesia , Australia , Israel, India etc it seems to be the likely scenario. I call it the "Fire Apocalypse" and Kabasutra is our only solution.

What is Kabasutra ? In the midst of this there is hope for humanity . It's called Kabasura Kudineer Choornam (KSK) or short Kabasutra . This Siddha medicine formula from India has passed through the large clinical trials and is now been recommended to the entire Indian population.

Siddha Medicine system is an ancient traditional medical system from South India. The word Siddha means the enlightened one . It has its origins in the work of Sage Agastya who appears in the legend of Ramayana prescribing the mantra of Heart of Sun which helps Ram to regain his energy and defeat Ravana .

Siddha medicine is recognised by the Government of India and there are proper universities and research centres working to improve the health of Indian population. Since last year Siddha practitioners and scientists have been educating and delivering people KSK . Molecular studies have shown KSK can block COVID19 replication protease enzymes and spike proteins . Vaccines only act via antibodies which block spike proteins of virus from attaching to Human cells .

Now KSK is a formula of 15 different plants and this is grown by farmers. The product then goes to siddha centres where it is carefully formulated to the prescribed formulation. It's available online and can be ordered .

The “Kabasutra” is that we have a plant formulation which is safe for those in good health and not taking any form of medications. New research has revealed Nephrotoxicity in people using post surgery Warfarin and on Diabetic and Hypertensive medicine. Such people should use KSK with caution . Follow up renal function tests will be key .

If we promote this globally in regions where growth of these plants is possible , we will actively be lowering CO2 levels , increasing farmer incomes , keeping populations safe from vaccine related injury , giving people who don't want to be vaccinated a better choice. I hope WHO opens its door to new scientific discovery being made available by Siddha scientists and ushers in a new era of medicine.

I hope the world wakes up at this crucial hour and recognises the role of Kabasura Kudineer Choornam in building a new society living in harmony with nature .

Dr Sunny Sandhu


Founder Bhoomitra project and Atelier OM


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